Why With Us

Savannah Giant dog breeders and Trainers is a family kennel that has carefully evolved over time. We are not the best breeders but we try to move there, we live in Namugongo, Kampala city, Uganda, East Africa. Due to increased number of breeds and training activities, we decided to set up a beautiful dog school in Kimbeja, in the valley over looking Nalya housing estate. Because It is common knowledge that dogs are a pack of animals that need a high degree of socialization, we try as much as possible to live with our dogs especially puppies after weaning so as to enable them realise and appreciate the dog man relationship, this eventually acts as a foundation stone for a puppy which ultimately determines the dog character and behaviour. Therefore we find it both unacceptable and UN tolerable when dogs are kept isolated in a caged environment and only attended too by the house keepers and sadly this is something many people do. We therefore encourage you not to live with your dog in isolation.

Our dogs are free to roam and fully develop their natural temperament in a natural environment.

After all, this is the environment for which they are specifically bred for. We have lived with dogs for 19 years, breeding for 13 years and 8 years of joy in Training our own dogs and for other people. Every thing we do comes as a result of personal interest as well as a hobby. We really love dogs and interacting with other dog lovers, we will do any thing to influence a pet smile.
Our breeding blood lines are imported from the Top and superior registered breeders like;

  1. Euro puppy
  2. Mr vom vester and Barbara Mosch schlosser from Germany
  3. Mr Piety, Vonsophias Gwen, and Mrs Bechana all from South Africa
  4. Evelyn Tan from East African kennel club
  5. Andy of GRC Derby UK

Savannah breeders’ aim is to breed healthy dogs with perfect Temperament. We set ourselves this demanding goal when we started Breeding and renew our commitment to this goal every day. Our website is packed with essential and invaluably candid facts and information to help you make the best decision possible about owning a dog. Gleaned from years of experience and our deep affection for the dog.

My late German shepherd bitch Tina, introduced me to the world of dogs. Her kind and gentle, yet extremely protective Nature convinced me she was exactly the type of dog I was looking for. She was always by my side.

Unfortunately she passed away aged 18 months due to sickness while I was in the UK for my holiday. Tina was very protective to me as her master and to my family and she usually enjoyed weekend car drives and also enjoyed staying under the dinning table with my daughter during dinner time. She only mothered 4 very beautiful puppies prior to her death.

I sent one of the puppies to Nairobi, donated 2 to the Uganda police which are currently the best sniffer dogs in the police dog unit, I kept one baby boy in the names of Tabby, who is still living with me and has won 3 championships.

Tina’s’ spirit will live on forever in our breeding programmes.

Her highly development senses of loyalty and protectiveness never compromised her keen social skills. I could take her to places full of strangers and let her roam free. She loved the attention she always attracted, but always kept a protective eye on me and also made everyone around her feel safe. During her life Tina never needed a Leash. She was the example of that perfect temperament every dog should have and we strive to replicate it in every dog we breed.