Training Your Dog

With all training available to the puppy owner, there is only one exercise that is really necessary; basic obedience and socializing with other dogs and people (especially children) in any environment where the dog will live.

This task must be accomplished with every property-bred puppy. It is misconception that temperament is purely genetic. Good behaviors are achieved by buying a puppy with right bloodlines and investing the vital time and effort in attending an approved dog school like savannah dog school. It is risky and extremely irresponsible not to make this vital training effort while the dog is still a puppy. Dogs can be corrected later on but this is far more time-consuming that providing the right training when the dog is a puppy.

There are very few simple cases of “bad dog-bad owner”. There is usually a poor relationship between them. Effectively created by insufficient mutual communication.

The Working Dog

If one denies a working dog by it’s:

  1. Ability to protect large properties & those living in them by its protective instinct rather than on command.
  2. Its steadiness with livestock. Superb companionship and protection of children. Then the dog can be considered the perfect working dog

In an environment like ours, a large property with a considerable number of free-roaming dogs, the savannah dog is the ultimate companion and protector. We breed deliberately for this environment. Our dogs are exported world-wide & introduced to new environments and forms of training. It remains to be seen what the dog will eventually develop into, but one would be setting oneself up for disappointment if one expected these dogs to perform a variety of new functions for which they were specifically bred.