Helpful Tips

  • A dog is a hierarchy not a democracy. A dog needs to know its place. If not the dog will be unhappy and living together in harmony will be difficult.
  • The dog that wins a hierarchical or “pecking order” fight must be accorded its highest status by its owner. Ranking the losing dog more highly will result in newer and much harder fighting. Order is maintained only by honoring the natural hierarchy.
  • Growing snapping and walking backwards when confronted by certain people is unacceptable behavior and certainly not typical of a good dog. A properly-raised puppy from a healthy bloodline is sociable and friendly, while still maintaining its protective capability.
  • Aggressive dog do not provide suitable protection in real life.
  • Two bitches living together harmoniously must be separated once they come into season (in heat)
  • A drop of honest turns any table into a delicious treat and it will be swallowed quickly by a dog.