Sniffer Dogs

This is a service where dogs are used to detect criminals, explosives and drugs, the Smelling sense of dogs is 400 times sharper than human beings. “Therefore, dogs are used for detection purposes all over the world. Dogs ALSO are trained to detect currency, firearms, expired food items, mobile phones, human remains, crime evidence and landmines and also track down criminals and missing persons.

Due to the ever-increasing levels of drug taking especially with the current generation the Police are sorely stretched to provide drugs dogs as a deterrent.

Owners and managers of pubs and clubs and similar licensed premises where drugs could be taken, now realize that local Licensing Boards wish them to take a pro-active stance in the fight against drug abuse. Drug detection dogs are able to search the premises out with and during licensing hours in developed countries, this goes some way to fulfilling the “Boards” requirements.

Drug detection dogs can also be used in schools, universities, retail parks and any business centre, building site, office or factory where the presence or use of drugs can be potentially damaging to the client. Complete confidentiality is assured and searches can be carried out clandestinely if required by the client.

All Sniffer Dog Specialist Operations dogs are trained to the highest standards and regularly undergo continuation training and annual accreditation.



Savanh supplies Dogs and handlers for all sectors of security work. Our services are tailored to the requirements of the client and we currently service Car bonded warehouses, Office Blocks, schools, Residencies, Retailers, Building Sites, and Animal farms.

Our Dogs and Guards are uniformed to our Corporate Standard or to suit the client’s individual needs. All Guards are trained to current standards and are also additionally trained in areas such as First Aid & Communications.

We operate in diverse roles which include patrolling private premises, Private functions and also private investigations.

A professionally trained Dog and handler acts as a major visual deterrent. The security dog handler brings many advantages of additional security.


Our Sniffer Dogs & Handlers are Certified & Trained locally at our training school and are able to detect all forms of Drugs, Explosives, Firearms and other weapons.

We have both Pro-Active and Passive Sniffer Dogs available, to search people, property, places & vehicles. We can cover both the public and private sectors alike and confidentiality is completely assured.

Our presence can be either covert or overt to suit your needs and we are available 24 hours nationally as required. Our handlers are both fully vetted and CRB checked.

Our Detection Dogs & Handlers are highly trained and motivated. We are confident in our services and we
Can supply a live demonstration without obligation at either your premises or ours