Our Puppies

The Savanah puppy like many other animals has to have a good understanding of canine communication and interactive social skills to fulfil its purpose as a protective and loving animal. It is obvious that a dog which is unable to socialise properly among large numbers of other dogs of both sexes, is not a good dog, Regardless of what the breed may be capable, or incapable of doing. Carefully study the paper work, the breeder, puppies and their parents.

For the people living in Uganda, your puppy will be available for collection at the age of exactly 8 weeks. If you are an overseas buyer, we prefer sending a puppy a little older in order to be able to more easily handle the travelling experience. We normally ship overseas pups at the age of 10 weeks, which is the minimum age at which the airlines will accept them; this can also be done later if specifically required.

If you are in Uganda, it will be best for your puppy that you personally pick him up from our kennels, so he does not suffer too much additional travelling trauma from simultaneously being separated from his mother and siblings. If personal collection is not possible, we can arrange delivery directly to you at no cost. If you are an overseas buyer you will have your puppy air-freighted to the destination of your choice; he or she will travel in the appropriate container as defined by the airline and governmental authorities, and all freight charges, veterinary certification and other such costs will be to your account. But will offer free transport to our Airport.

Whether you are a local or overseas buyer, all of the paperwork relevant to your Savannah puppy will be sent to you under separate cover, this is your guarantee that the puppy you receive is the puppy which left our kennels.


A Quality Pup

All our puppies or dogs are sold as registered pups, their parents having been registered with East African Kennel club and the pups themselves being registered at the time of sale by our issuing official breeders’ association birth certificates. However, prices charged for the pups vary according not only to the overall quality of their parents (and therefore of the pups) but also according to the quality of the individual puppy itself.

Most Savanah puppies are sold as breeding quality dogs, which means that they will meet the requirements of the Breeding Standard to such a degree that they may be registered as breeding dogs with any breeders’ associations at the age of 12 months.

Furthermore, 20% of the pups in each litter are selected at the age of approximately 4 – 6 weeks as “pick of litter”. This proportion will normally be one, or possibly two, pups out of a litter which exhibit outstandingly good characteristics in terms of the Breeding Standard.

Finally, it may occur that certain pups are sold as “Pet Quality” due to their possessing attributes which are regarded as being undesirable by the Breeding Standard. These are normally very minor things which are of no significance at all in terms of the dog itself, such as too much white colouration, pink pads or claws, blue eyes, improperly aligned teeth, wrongly shaped ears or feet, too long or slightly kinked hair, etc.

“Defects” of this nature do not of course affect the well-being of the dog in any way, and the dog itself is blissfully unaware of them. “Pet Quality” dogs are therefore just as much fun and just as good to the non-breeding owner as are their slightly more expensive brothers and sisters.