The Doberman Pinscher is compactly built, muscular, very powerful. He is elegant in appearance, of proud carriage, reflecting great nobility and temperament. They are proud, alert and athletic, with endurance and speed. Devoted and fearless, the Doberman Pinscher is universally known as a “police dog” for its duty on the German Front during World War I. An excellent breed for a jogger to own, he may be a challenge because of his dominance for the elderly or disabled.

  • Country of Origin: Germany
  • Group: Mastiff, Working
  • Height: Males are 26 – 28 inches (66-71 cm); Females are 24 – 26 inches (61-66 cm)
  • Weight: 30-40kg.
  • Temperament: The Doberman Pinscher is a highly energetic, bold, fearless, alert, fearless and determined dog breed. Initially suspicious of strangers, the Doberman Pinscher is a great guard and watchdog. He is very intelligent and easy to train. Loyal, noble and affectionate with the family. All family members should learn to handle the dog properly, as Dobermans can be pushy if allowed to have their own way too much, not recommended with children and will not tolerate roughhousing. The Doberman is naturally protective and does not need additional “protection” training to be a fine guard dog. These dogs are like big, protective babies. Doberman Pinschers have many talents including tracking, watch dogging, guarding, police work, military work, search & rescue, therapy work, competitive obedience and schutzhund. Aggression towards other dogs is accepted in the AKC standard.
  • Colours: Solid black, brown, blue and fawn with rust markings on the head, body and legs.
  • Coat: Short and close to their bodies. Coat care is minimal.
  • Living Environment: Will do okay in an apartment if sufficiently exercised but a house with a fenced yard or kennel is the best. Doberman Pinschers need frequent exercise and daily mental challenges. Dobes are very cold sensitive and are not an outside dog.
  • Learning Rate: High, intelligent and creative.