This breed in particular has taken up every ones heart that associates with it. It is such a huge, muscular, intelligent, working dog and very strong. It is believed to have lived with man since the 16th century.

Boerboels have been greatly bred in South Africa specifically for family companion, and excel when it comes to guarding, they really love this as a job and own it. They can never compromise with any external threats to the family and tend to enjoy moving and doing farm work with their masters.

The Boerboel has traditionally been used for homestead defense, against intruders both two and four-legged. Home and family protection implies protection from within as well as without; thus the Boerboel proper is a wonderfully affectionate and protective member of the family, and will tolerate all manner of abuses from small children.They do not want to hear any foreign noise within their surrounding and do not need to be trained for aggression as they own it. It is important to note that the boerboel takes all the best attributes of the mastiff breeds.

The Boerboel pioneer owners required him to be a friend of the family, a worker, provide protection and also to be a fighter. They could not afford to have a disobedient, moody, finicky, sickly dog they had to be able to rely on him to protect the family, work, kill and fight.

In Summary:

The BoerBoel have resilient movement, an impressive and imposing figure of strength AND lives for over 15 years if well looked after. Temperament wise, the Boerboel is reliable, obedient and intelligent with good watchdog instincts. The Boerboel is also self-confident and without fear.