Before Getting a Dog

Before purchasing a puppy you should consider the following points

1. Training

The puppy has to be trained and socialized. We believe that a dog is the best all-around and protective pet, but you have to raise the puppy correctly and be able to control it. Socialization and training condition the dog’s temperament and enable the dog and its new owner to bond. This requires a lot of hard work patience and dedication.

We should stress here and now that there are no guarantees as to how a puppy will turn out if the owner is not committed to making the absolute maximum effort from day one.

A correctly trained and socialized puppy is the best dog anyone can have, an untrained and UN socialized puppy can be a nightmare. We urge you not to allow you love for your dog to discourage you from maintain authority and control.

Control does not mean using force. The better an owners dog-handling skills are, the less forces is needed to control the dog. Handler training is vital, even the most experienced handlers retrain periodically at dog schools.
Before purchasing a puppy you should consider the following:-


Even though the focus is always on using healthy breeding stock there will always be a small chance the dog will not grow up to be 100% healthy. Although we offer to replace any dog with severe HD or ED, the owner can still suffer emotional pain. Regrettably this is a risk which comes with buying and owning any dog.


There is a lot of incorrect information regarding dog temperament and capability floating around on the internet