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Giant Dogs Website Launched.

NEWS. Giant Dogs Website updated to reflect what is current in terms of breeding programmes and training activities. Now you can get all the info you need. Check out all our info on our dog breeds, services and contacts.

Imported 4 other Breeds

Imported 4 other breeds into our breeding programmes, we now have English bulldogs, English mastiffs, Saint Bernard, caucasian mountain dogs and Leonberger dogs

Savanah joined EURO PUPPY

Savanah joined EURO PUPPY and was a warded a certificate of recognition in Africa by EURO PUPPY ASSOCIATION. This was after importing 13 dogs from this association.

Imported 2 Great Danes for Breeding

Imported two Great Danes for breeding from Barbara Mosch schlosser, who is one of the worlds’ leading breeders of Great Danes based in Germany. one is Black and the other is the Harlequin

We Lost 2 Bitches

On a sad note, we lost two bitches while in labour Linda and junior. Both of these dogs were Top breeding quality for German shepherd and Boerboel. They both recquired a caesarean but was too late to help. May their soul rest in peace.