A major endeavour such as this would never have been completed with out the support and guidance of many people and organisations out there. Our first and greatest debt of gratitude must be to Professor Johnson Acon of Makerere University Vet department; most distinguished vet practitioner of 2006 awarded by Uganda Vet nary Association. Professor Acon has given so generously his time to us. Through his professional helpfulness and expertise our dogs are constantly healthy and tested for fitness. He has ensured that our kennels are worm and disease free as a result of his regular kennel visits and seasonal check ups. The evidence of his direct contribution is scattered throughout Uganda and out side Uganda inform of our clients with Savanah dogs.Prof Acon was very instrumental when Savanah Giant breeders and trainers was moving into massive and quality breeding. He donated two superior German shepherd birches SONDELAH AND HUGO both are South Africa blood lines. All our Savanah dogs will continuously enjoy professor’s expertise.

We must thank Chris Dobson of Germany, who sponsored me for a 3 month visit in The UK and Germany as a visiting dog breeder and trainer in the various schools and rescue centres. This extended visit provided me with an excellent opportunity for breeding and training skills.

Andy Marjorie living in UK was very instrumental when we were moving from companionship to breeding she brought in a lot of ideas that we leverage on till to day. Not forgetting Evelyn Tan a member of East African Kennel club for initiating us into Rotweiller breeding and linking us to other open minded dog breeders in the out side world. At the same token thank vonsophias Gwen and Mr Piet of Avon tour Boerboel both of South Africa.

Eddy of euro puppy that offers only the highest quality purebred puppies in Europe worked closely with us and we were able to acquire some of our dogs form the world’s top lines. This is evidenced on the euro puppy website Many thanks to eddy for and the team for your professionalism, honest and wanting to do the best.

My brother Khamis Who lives in South Africa contributed significantly, financially and in shopping for the pick of a litter for the different breeds imported from Reputable breeders of The Republic of South Africa.
I reserve the last acknowledgement to my wife and family also my dear staff Tom, Henry and Joseph, who have sleepless nights when ever we have new born puppies and also do the donkey work for these “big boys and girls”. Their constant support and encouragement made it all worthwhile. To all of you, our thanks and love