About Other Breeders

Time and time again we have been asked for advice about other breeders and their dogs. We offer no opinion on anything other than our own breeding program.

We distance ourselves from any breeders who advance breeding and selling their own dogs by making negative and unfounded remarks about other breeders and other breeders’ dog

We also distance ourselves from any breeders who talk for their dogs instead of the dogs talking for them selves. We proudly acknowledge that this is the best way a breeder should communicate to the public.

To find a good, honest and reliable vet is as important as finding the right breeder. Some vets are performing better than others like wise many people have come up as breeders but compromising certain standards and this ultimately determines the quality of your pet. A Good puppy is measured by four important qualitative standards

  • Conformation
  • Temperament
  • Health
  • Movement

However, it is common knowledge that no dog is perfect in all areas. Every breeding has its unique risk and shortcoming.

Over the year many breeders have tried to improve breeding stock by concentrating on one perhaps two of these standards. Most have concentrated their efforts either on confirmation or health, willingly accepting shortcomings in the others.

At Savanah, we breed good, all-round dogs and strive to achieve a balance between all the four standards. We do not want a sick dog with a perfect temperament, nor do we want a healthy dog with a bad temperament. We certainly do not tolerate dogs with faulty hind quarters or poor movement. Savanah dogs might not look perfect at first glance, but they are all perfectly balanced with no severe faults in any of the four standards.