We’re tuned-in to animal behavior, attentive to dogs’ physical and emotional needs, and we understand how to make our guests–and their owners–feel right at home.

Why With Us

Savannah Giant dog breeders and Trainers is a family kennel that has carefully evolved over time. We are not the best breeders but we try to move there, we live in Namugongo, Kampala city, Uganda, East Africa. Due to increased number of breeds and training activities, we decided to set up a beautiful dog school in Kimbeja…

Our Services

All dogs in our kennel are fed on fresh food dog tailored. However, we provide customized meals for boarding dogs. Whatever your dog is used to eating, will be fed at the farm.
Your pet is groomed daily by professional dog handlers who handle the dog without stressing. Dogs not used to brushing are gradually brought about to enjoy grooming.
We keep in touch with your vet regarding your dog’s health. In case of any sickness, we consult the vet of your preference but normally we think we have the best Vet.
All dogs are taken for regular bi-daily interactive walks. For those that enjoy car drives, we also have a dog drive on weekends. We ensure that your pet is maintained in the peak of health.


At Savanah, we breed good, all-round dogs and strive to achieve a balance between all the four standards. We do not want a sick dog with a perfect temperament, nor do we want a healthy dog with a bad temperament. We certainly do not tolerate dogs with faulty hind quarters or poor movement. Savanah dogs might not look perfect at first glance.

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